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While we have worked with a wide range of clients in many different industries, we have worked intensively in certain types of business, and we can claim to have exceptional experience in the following areas:

• product brands and brand development
• corporate brands
• beer and breweries
• architectural
• restaurants and bars
• online

product brands - design and development
your product brand has many important jobs to do, and it underpins every other element of your product marketing, so it’s vital that it is totally right from the start. We have developed many successful brands, and we can do the same for yours.
It starts with an understanding of the product and your objectives and ambitions for it. Let’s get together and talk about it - it’s one of the most exciting tasks in marketing!

corporate identity design
the way people perceive your company may influence whether they even approach you, so it’s vital that you project an image that expresses your highest ambitions. Your identity is your company’s corporate brand, so all the values you would place on your key product brands also attach to your identity. It’s too important to leave to chance.

beer and breweries
OK, most of us like beer, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can design a good beer brand, an ad campaign, or a brewery website. It does mean that beer work is fun though, and we have had a great deal of fun designing successful beer marketing for many years. It’s actually quite demanding, because it’s a crowded market and people have been exercising their creative muscles in this area for decades - nay, centuries - so there’s little that’s new under the sun.
At Brandmark we have a few new tricks up our sleeve, so come and talk to us early doors, and we’ll roll our sleeves up.

building and construction is a mature business, with a host of experienced marketeers, all competing for the attention of architects, specifiers and principals. Whether you’re new in the market or a household name, you still need to attract the maximum attention to your brand and your products. We have a systematic approach to this, and we know it works, so let’s talk about how we can focus the decision-makers’ attention on you, ASAP.

restaurants, bars
everyone has their favourite restaurants and bars, and everyone has their theories about what makes for success. But do they understand the demands from both sides of the counter? Could they all deliver a memorable experience for the customer, day-in day-out, and still turn a good profit each month? I doubt it.
There’s no universal formula for success. Certainly there are operators have developed their own formula and successfully rolled out highly profitable businesses, but you can’t just analyse a bar brands and identify the secrets of its sucess - you have to know how to build it from scratch.
We have worked with the msters, the best in the business, and we can work with you to develop your own destination brand. Let’s talk.

the hottest place to do business today, bar none.
What do you want to do? What will you sell? It’s cheaper to set up a business on the internet, and the potential rewards are limitless, but it is also a business graveyard.
Avoid the tombstones and become an internet legend. Share your idea with us, in confidence, and we’ll build it together, and win!