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• brand design and development
• corporate identity
• design for print
• website design
• design for email broadcast

brand design and development
Your brand design can make or mar the success of your product. Achieving the best solution calls for skill and imagination, as well as a clear understanding of the positioning of your product and its markets.
The best results usually come from a close collaboration between client and designer - so let’s explore the possibilities.

corporate identity design
perceptions precede reality - the way people see your company may influence whether they even approach you, so it’s vital that you project an image that expresses your highest ambitions. Your identity is your company’s corporate brand, so all the values you would place on your key product brands also attach to your identity. It’s too important to leave to chance.

design for print
Even in this digital, online age, graphic design is a crucial element of your marketing. Brandmark grew up with high quality design for advertising, brochures, packaging and point-of-sale, and it’s as important now as it ever was.

compelling websites
for most people, the internet is the first port of call when searching for a product or service. First of all, it’s vital that their search in Google or other search engines throws up your website in the first page of results, preferably at the top. Once the searcher has found your site, it needs to be clear, attractive and easy to navigate.
We have produced many successful commercial websites since the start of the worldwide web, and our experience has followed the trends as the internet has developed and grown in sophistication.
Talk to us about the best way to attract internet business, and turn browsing into buying!

design for email broadcast
simply the cheapest way to reach a mass audience, whether you sell to B2B or B2C markets. It’s not always as simple as it looks, though. For a start, a good Subject line can make the difference between a 70% open rate and none at all.
But don’t generate spam, generate business! To achieve high open- and clickthrough rates, emails must be carefully designed. We know the tricks and can produce HTML emails that maximise enquiries.
There’s a learning curve, so why not work with the developers who have already made their mistakes?